Monday, June 8, 2009

WPA/PPS day one

Today we started Princess Prep School and Warrior Prince Academy at the main campus of our church. I was excited for my kids to get to do this even though I knew it would require very long days. We left our house at 7:45, ate breakfast in the car, and did not sit down or slow down until we ate lunch at 12:45! That alone made for 3 crazy acting children. We ate lunch at the restaurant that is in our church building, Jane's Grill. It fast ( sometimes), it's yummy, inexpensive and most importantly it is located on the campus. I just assumed that after our long day my kids would pile in to the car for our 30 minute drive home and fall right to sleep.

I of course was wrong. They talked and sang and fought over the Rexy that came in their Mcdonald's toy box from a few days before. Right at we turned into our neighborhood Jocelyn fell asleep. I was VER Y excited as she is my "non-Napper" and since I was hoping to get a nap in myself I really needed her to be asleep. I carried her to the couch and laid her down and then moved Graham into my room. My room is his favorite napping spot and he usually curls right up and goes to sleep. Riley of course went straight to his room ( it's nice having a big kid).

I came out to the living room to get some paper work done for Warrior Prince Academy and spent about 10 min. typing away. Finally I closed the computer and went to curl up with Graham. When I walked in to my room it smelled yummier than it was supposed to. I searched quickly for Graham who was not in the bed and I found him tucked in the corner of my Bathroom COVERED in Donna Karen Lotion. I asked him where he got it and he pointed to my beautiful bedding. There in the middle of my awesome bedding was a huge pile of Donna Karen Lotion. Spread smoothly into a slippery circle about 12 inches by 12 inches. It was on the carpet , the bed, the night stand, the books near the bed, everywhere!!!!! After a spanking and a time out. PLus a NEVER sleep in my bed again warning, I moved him upstairs and began to clean the mess. When I got to the sheets I scooped them up and carried them to my laundry room. and that's when I saw the beautiful picture Jocelyn had drawn for me.....on the half bathroom door....with a SHARPIE. I dropped the clothes in the hall and rushed forward to see the picture was actually more of a MURAL that started in the kitchen on my cabinets and wrapped around to the wall and THEN the bathroom door and them the inside of the bathroom wall finally finishing on the toilet seat. Isn't she so thoughtful to give me that hand-made one of a kind Mural. I will be so tragically sad to have to leave it here when he finally move out of this house. :) Jocelyn's mural really adds to the uniqueness of the half bathroom. It is after all the bathroom that is missing the back of the toilet because Graham pushed it off, causing it to shatter, because he wanted to see inside the tank.

In conclussion I would like to say:

If you are looking to remodel your own home, please consider hiring my children they do one-of -a-kind projects that are always permanent additions to your homes retail value.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Life has been freakishly busy but also amazingly rewarding lately. I had a GREAT mother's day! We spent the day with my dad and step mom at the baseball game. The kids had a blast! Riley watched the entire game, Jocelyn ATE the entire game, and Graham practiced his swing with every batter.

The kids have been out riding bikes, playing on the swingset, and swimming at the pool. SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! I am pumped for summer. I have even let Riley play hookey one day to go swimming with us! I am so ready for summer break to be here!

I will post sson about our trip to the strawberry patch!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Graham's Rare Find

My Grahambo is at the age where everything he says is odd and funny. I will be sad when my last child passes through this funny stage. Luckily I will always have the memories of the funny things he has said so bring a smile to my face.

We were shopping recently at Target(We shop there way to much). All of a sudden Graham gets a HUGE smile on his face. He is standing in the basket of the cart and he begins to jump up and down and scream repeatedly "Ghost Milk!" "mommy, I see Ghost Milk" I look up with wonder to see what he was pointing at with such excitement. This is what my darling child had spotted:

Bottled Water! I could not help but burst out laughing at the VERY logical conclusion that my 2 year old come to find. There was just no other explanation. It HAD to be Ghost Milk. We were all so excited to see this rare find! We bought 2 jugs of the rare "ghost Milk". Graham drank so much of it! He was so proud of the treasure he had found for all of us! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mystery Responder

I have a mystery. I need it solved. Who can help?

I posted about Graham in the plush bus and someone left a comment.

Here are the clues:

Her name is Traci.

She went to elementary school with me.

she was able to find my blog.

There is no photo and there is no way to link back to her.

Those are all of my clues. I had a few friends named Traci in Elementary school. 3 were spelled with an i. One of those I talk to on FB. One of those I can't remember her last name. One of those was my good friend who I have hunted for online. If you have any clues about the Mystery Poster, or if you are the mystery poster, please post again with more info. I am also on FB look me up!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Plush Bus

Riann, my supportive friend, bridesmaid, Godmother to Riley, Aunt to my children is moving away. I am terribly sad to see her and her hubby Chris move to Georgia with their to beautiful children Bria and Emily. Their moving date is fast approaching. We decided to get together today to spend some time with each other before she leaves. Graham enjoyed seeing baby Emily. Before beginning to play the little piggy game he asked the cutest question. “ will she bite me”? After being reassured that 4 month old Emily had no intention of biting him, he began to tickle her cute toes. When it was time for lunch we headed over to “spot”, CiCi’s Pizza.

We arrived about 1:45 and so the lunch crowd was long gone. There were only a handful of other tables and none of those had children. When Jocelyn and graham asked if they could go to the game room I said yes. They were pleasantly surprised because I always say no. There are usually too many kids in that room and too many adults lingering around for me to feel safe. I checked on them a few times and they came out a few times to check in and everything was going great. Jocelyn came out and smiled so big and went on to tell me how much fun she and Graham were having with the animals. I looked at her excited face with intrigue as she continued to tell me how soft they were to touch. I slowly arose from my chair and went in to the game room where I found this:

I ran out to Riann and yelled he is IN the animal game! I ran into to look at him again. Then I remembered my camera! I ran out and yelled again he is in with the stuffed animals! I grabbed my camera and took a few shots.

I even tried to help him escape!

I was begining to wonder if I would be the crazy mom on tv who is crying about her kid stuck in the game! Luckily there was no need to call the fire department or the news crew! Soon the manager, along with everyone else in the restaurant, had come over to check on the commotion. The manager was even taking pictures on his cell phone! He began to dig around for the key. After about five minutes he finally found the right one and opened up “the plush bus” and pulled my happy kiddo out! Graham was not scared at all. Graham did not get to keep a cute toy, but I did let him have a brownie!

Thank you my sweet friend Riann, for coming over and sharing in one last hurrah with us! I know you will miss us when you move to Georgia and life gets boring!

We all know that life is never boring in OUR household! What will you do without us for excitement? What will we do without you:(!?

Monday, April 13, 2009